Update Record


MySQL UPDATE statement is used to update data of the MySQL table within the database. It is used when you need to modify the table.


Following is a generic syntax of UPDATE command to modify data into the MySQL table:

mysql> UPDATE table_name SET field1=new-value1, field2=new-value2  
       [WHERE Clause]  


  • One or more field can be updated altogether.
  • Any condition can be specified by using WHERE clause.
  • You can update values in a single table at a time.
  • WHERE clause is used to update selected rows in a table.


Here, we have a table "cus_tbl" within the database "customers". We are going to update the data within the table "cus_tbl".

This query will update cus_surname field for a record having cus_id as 5.

mysql> UPDATE cus_tbl  
       SET cus_surname = 'Ambani'  
       WHERE cus_id = 5; 

Visual Representation:

mysql update record

Output by SELECT query:

mysql> SELECT * FROM cus_tbl;

mysql update

Here, you can see that the table is updated as per your conditions.