Q . Create a link to a folder on the left panel of Nautilus file manager?

Brad Johnson. asked, Apr 05 ' 2016

I would like to create a link to some new folder that I have in my home. The left panel shows docs, images downloads etc. But I would like to add my other folders that I created myself like university etc,

It use to be as simple as drag and drop the folder on the panel, but it doens't work anymore. How can I create a link?

  • ubuntu
  • folder
  • nautilus
  • bookmark
  • launcher

1 Answers

You can add Bookmarks. Just go to the desired directory and via Global Menu → Bookmarks → Add bookmark.

Or you can use simply Ctrl+D when you are in the desired directory.

For Ubuntu 13.04 or more updated versions, you can click the "gear" icon on top right and use "Add Bookmark"

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