Q . How do I make Git use the editor of my choice for commits?

Dev Singh. asked, May 29 ' 2017

I would prefer to write my commit messages in Vim, but it is opening them in Emacs.

How do I configure Git to always use Vim? Note that I want to do this globally, not just for a single project.

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1 Answers

If you want to set the editor only for Git, do either (you don’t need both):

  • Set core.editor in your Git config: git config --global core.editor "vim"
  • Set the GIT_EDITOR environment variable: export GIT_EDITOR=vim

If you want to set the editor for Git and also other programs, set the standardized VISUAL and EDITOR environment variables*:

export VISUAL=vim

* Setting both is not necessarily needed, but some programs may not use the more-correct VISUAL. See VISUAL vs. EDITOR.

For Sublime Text: Add this to the .gitconfig. The --wait is important. (it allows to type text in sublime and will wait for save/close event.

    editor = 'subl' --wait

'subl' can be replaced by the full path of the executable but is usually available when correctly installed.

P.S> For using subl i.e. Sublime Text, make sure Subl is installed and set up properly.

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