Q . How to get route, post, get etc. parameters in Zend Framework 2

Brad Johnson. asked, Aug 08 ' 2015

How can I get various parameters related to the action request in zf2? Like post/get parameters, the route being accessed, headers sent and files uploaded.

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1 Answers

Get a single value

To get the value of a named parameter in a controller, you will need to select the appropriate method for the type of parameter you are looking for and pass in the name.


$this->params()->fromPost('paramname');   // From POST
$this->params()->fromQuery('paramname');  // From GET
$this->params()->fromRoute('paramname');  // From RouteMatch
$this->params()->fromHeader('paramname'); // From header
$this->params()->fromFiles('paramname');  // From file being uploaded


Default values

All of these methods also support default values that will be returned if no parameter with the given name is found.


$orderBy = $this->params()->fromQuery('orderby', 'name');


Get all parameters

To get all parameters of one type, just don't pass in anything and the Params plugin will return an array of values with their names as keys.


$allGetValues = $this->params()->fromQuery(); // empty method call


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