Q . How to make lampp PHP path default in Ubuntu Terminal.

Dev Singh. asked, Apr 15 ' 2017

i'm just newbie in ubuntu

i have install php before install lamp, when i type "which php" ==> /usr/bin/php not to direct in directory php in LAMP

because php in LAMPP have enable mcrypt...but php in default now doesn't active mcrypt..how to set php in LAMPP to default ? i have tried to input "alias php='/opt/lampp/php'" in .bash_profile and .bashrc, but it's still not work,, but when i type "php -v " ==> bash: /opt/lampp/php: Is a directory

how can i fix it ?

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1 Answers

The problem is that you have two php executable: one located in /usr/bin and another in /opt/lampp/bin.

When you type php in your terminal, bash search it in $PATH directory list, and it found php in /usr/bin, so /usr/bin/php is executed.

If you want to exec /opt/lampp/bin/php, open you .bashrc and at the end add this line:


Once saved .bashrc, exec:

      source .bashrc

or close/open your terminal and try re-do your php command.

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