Q . jQuery get html of container including the container itself

Brad Johnson. asked, Jun 10 ' 2016

How do i get the html on '#container' including '#container' and not just what's inside it.

<div id="container">
 <div id="one">test 1 </div>
 <div id="two">test 2 </div>
 <div id="three">test 3 </div>
 <div id="four">test 4 </div>

 have this which gets the html inside #container. it does not include the #container element itself. That's what i'm looking to do

var x = $('#container').html();
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1 Answers

If you wrap the container in a dummy P tag you will get the container HTML also.

All you need to do is

var x = $('#container').wrap('<p/>').parent().html();

Check working example at http://jsfiddle.net/rzfPP/68/

To unwrap()the <p> tag when done, you can add



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