Q . Laravel created model and moved file to another directory.

Dev Singh. asked, Aug 13 ' 2016

I have made a Models folder and I have moved all my models there. All is working fine. Now I want to change the path where this command

php artisan make:model SomeModel

put the generated model. How can I change it?

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You can't and, if you're hewing to Laravel's version of the universe, you shouldn't. Laravel 5 provides, and assumes, a PSR-4 naming convention for all its class files. This means models (and all classes) should be placed based on their full class name.

When you say

php artisan make:model SomeModel

You're actually creating a model with the full name of App\SomeModel, so artisan creates the following file.


If you said

php artisan make:model 'Test\SomeModel'

you'd be creating a model with the full name App\Test\SomeModel, and Laravel would create the following file


So, its your model's full class name (namespace included) that determines where the class definition file is.

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