Q . PHP MySQL Order by Two Columns (priority wise)

Mike Tyson. asked, Jul 13 ' 2016

How do I sort a MySQL table by two columns?

What I want are articles sorted by highest ratings first, then most recent date. As an example, this would be a sample output (left # is the rating, then the article title, then the article date)

50 | This article rocks          | Feb 4, 2009
35 | This article is pretty good | Feb 1, 2009
5  | This Article isn't so hot   | Jan 25, 2009

The relevant SQL I'm using is:

ORDER BY article_rating, article_time DESC

I can sort by one or the other, but not both.

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  • mysql-order-by

1 Answers

Default sorting is ascending, you need to add the keyword DESC to both your orders:

ORDER BY article_rating DESC, article_time DESC


Note : Here article_rating has highest priority because it is in first order by.

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